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Erik The Craftsman 

Construction  Contractor for Hire

Erik the Craftsman here ! I design and build; new homes, cottages. decks, sun rooms and do custom construction.

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Note:   I am doing everything in paper no credit cards or bank tranfers and have had a rough go through covid!  Mind the spam please and just email me if something is crazy, getting alot of spam and phishing!  From canada post to dhl to everything it sucks - need money not spam!   Also lots of people hurthing through the covid pandemic that did suck for alot of people and things are behind I am one guy to many bills not enough opportunity and people are really dire I am finding and money is a tough thing right now! 

  Just getting back to sorts again!   I recommend waring good cutton or n95 masks. Don't use masks that are to thick, can cause you to pass out driving and cause other problems from bad air and not enough oxygen! covid hit me hard when I stopped waring my masks, really hard guys its still a pandemic! Three weeks nocked on my ass!  I thought I was tough and now got asmah again!

The Hills Retreat Manner 2022 Package!  $540 000.00 - house only!The Hills Retreat Manner 2022 Package! $540 000.00 - house only!Erik The Craftsman is advanced construction contractor!

I can provide many services at a square footage price or by the hour.

Being a Project General Contract Manager I understand the world team - wich is the only way to get done mega projects - I can be called for that as a puzzle piece coordinator and sub crew boss.

As well I provide business to business services where I come in on contract as the Executive Environrmental Safety and Site Security Officer and site communitcations officer holding those services on my secure cloud with layerd access including front end and back end services! 

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